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Home Cleaning Services Offered - Overview 

We provide a variety of cleaning services to choose from. We offer customized cleaning and other types of services based on our client's requests.


If a service is not listed that you require, please reach out to our customer support representatives. We will be happy to assist you with any customized cleaning requests.


Additionally, we provide as well

  • Special Occasion Cleaning / Customized Cleaning Services
  • RV and Camper Cleaning (interior only)


At Pleasant Home Housekeeping Service we know how to manage the unique needs of people in different housing and living arrangements. 


People living in condominiums and apartments may need to set up special clearance for our professional cleaning staff to access your residence. We realize that parking arrangements may need to be planned out in advance when our clients live in town homes or duplexes. Homes that are part of a gated community often require unique access and we have the experience to manage all of these special needs.


We know how to handle it all!

We have Restrictions and do NOT offer these Services


Please note: We do have a few restrictions and areas that we do not clean or service. We do not do any exterior cleaning services. We only offer interior home/office cleaning. If you have any questions, we are available by phone 949.481.7249 or contact form.


Our Services are limited to residential and interior house/office cleaning services. We offer different types of cleaning services but we do not offer cleaning services for the following services listed.


  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Silk Plant Cleaning
  • Deep Stain Removal
  • Garages/Patios aside from sweeping
  • Landscaping or Yard Work
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Cleaning Bio-Hazard or Mold
  • Extreme Cases/Hoarder Home
  • Extermination
  • Hard to Reach Areas
  • Lifting or Moving items weighing over 5lbs
  • Animal Waste/Litter
  • Dish Washing
  • Picking up clothing, toys and other household items scattered around the property and organizing


We appreciate your understanding, if your request is not listed, please give us a call or email to find out if we service your type of cleaning services needed.

Our professional, reliable and inexpensive service makes us the right choice every time!

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