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Service Cost

How much does it cost to have my home cleaned?

We work with every home owner to create a custom cleaning plan designed on frequency, preferences and your budget. Hourly and specialty add-on services such as refrigerator and oven cleaning are also available options for your consideration. Your time is valuable. Let us help you enjoy more of it! Learn more about Pleasant Home affordable house cleaning services. For further information and exact estimate, pleast contact our office at 949.481.7249 or fill out a form.

Light Cleaning - light, touch-up cleaning recommended for properties that do not require scrubbing. Best choice for homes that need only quick refreshening. 


Staring from $90 per visit!

Standard Housekeeping - recommended for regular home maintenance, i.e. weekly, every two weeks, every three weeks or monthly.


Price ranges from $90 to $240 per visit!

Deep Cleaning - recommended as an initial very thorough service to be followed by regular housekeeping services. Best choice for homes that require moderate scrubbing on ocasional basis i.e. once or twice a year.


Staring from $120 per visit!

Home Detailing - a thorough top to bottom cleaning to restore your home cleanliness to its original look. Best choice for homes that require a lot of scrubbing.


Starting from $240 per visit!

Move-in & Move-out Cleaning - best choice for homes that require a lot of heavy scrubbing before moving in and after moving out. 

Starting from $120 per visit!

Vacation Rental/Air BnB Cleaning  - professional service for your turn overs or maintenance cleaning.

Starting from $120 per service!

Business Cleaning - professional service for your office.




Starting from $90 per service!

Post Construction Cleaning - a very thorough cleaning after remodeling and property construction.

Starting from $360 per service!

Laundry, Ironing & Organizing - in home service.

Starting from $90 per visit!

Window Washing - properties up to second floor only.




Staring from $125 per visit!

RV and Camper Cleaning - (interior only)
Starting from $90 per service!
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